Beginner’s Guide to Waist Training

My goal is to provide safe and accurate information for corset wearers and to encourage a holistic, healthy approach to waist training.  If you have any feedback, please reach out via through my contact form or social media:

Getting started

A basic intro/discussion about corsets from Rainbow Curve Corsetry:

How to waist train – Lucy’s Corsetry:


Measuring for your corset is a critical first step to ensure you get the best possible fit.

Below are some links and videos to help you obtain critical measurements to get sized for your corset:

Lucy measuring for Timeless Trends (4 measurements):

Orchard Corset measuring video (including plus size):

Mystic City Corsets is a brand that takes more precise measurements to ensure an even better fit.  You can find step-by-step instructions for measuring on their website:

Once you have your measurements, you are ready to send them in to different companies to get sizing recommendations!

You can also use Lucy’s database here for quick access to measurements if you would like to see if a particular brand/style may work for you:


Provided below are some videos that will discuss some hot topics on the safety of corsets and waist training.  But first, we do have a few rough guidelines of our own:

  • LISTEN TO YOUR BODY: You should never experience pain, difficulty breathing, numbness, tingling, lightheadedness, or any other forms of severe discomfort.  These are some of the signs that your body is telling you to loosen up, or that the corset is the wrong fit. Ignoring these signs could result in permanent injury or nerve damage.
  • LACE DOWN SLOWLY: Don’t rush.  It takes time to train your waist down to where you may want to be.  Trust the process and enjoy the journey.

Lucy’s Corsetry speaks on tightlaced MRI:

Corresponding blog post: 

Bernadette Banner busts some myths about corsetry:

Lucy’s Corsetry – The physical effects of corseting (playlist):


Find our glossary of corset terms here:

Once you’ve got your corset


Lucy’s Corsetry in partnership with Timeless Trends:

Sewing Vintage with Tara Moss:

Tucking in the “mom apron” – Lucy’s Corsetry:

Lacing someone else – Lucy’s Corsetry with TT:


Seasoning is a term that is defined differently by different people, but the general idea is it’s the process of breaking in your corset and getting your body used to the compression from your new corset.  There is a lot of conflicting information on seasoning and many OTR corsets come with a seasoning schedule. It is ultimately at your discretion if you want to follow it, follow the 2/2/2 method mentioned by Lucy’s Corsetry, or follow your own, more intuitive, seasoning method.

What Katie Did – The Myths of Seasoning (4:08 and beyond):

Intuitive seasoning – Lucy’s Corsetry (video and blog):

Lucy’s Corsetry – Seasoning my corset (mini series):


Having your corset parallel in the back is ideal for any gap you may have, and is completely attainable with a corset that fits you properly.  However, we acknowledge that not every corset is a perfect fit, so here is some information on corset gaps: will they harm the corset, and what do they mean?

See this video from Lucy’s Corsetry:


Classic bunny ears – Lucy’s Corsetry:

Inverted bunny ears – Lucy’s Corsetry:


DISCLAIMER: Sleep is imperative for physical and mental health.  If the corset is causing restlessness, discomfort, or fatigue, we recommend that you avoid sleeping in your corset.

General guidelines:

  • Lace your inches a couple of inches looser for sleep
  • Wear an older, larger corset if you have one to avoid wear and tear on your “good” corset
  • Shove pillows in any gaps between you and the bed to get comfortable

Lucy’s Corsetry – Tips for sleeping in your corset:


Stealthing is the term used to refer to wearing your corset discreetly under your clothes.

Advance your knowledge

Understanding OTR corset sizing

3-part series from Lucy’s Corsetry:


2 thoughts on “Beginner’s Guide to Waist Training

Add yours

  1. Hello. I am a first timer interested in waist training. My main issue is my lower belly Mom pooch. I am also interested in slimming my lower ribs? I read that I need a conical corset? I thought I was short waisted, but I just measured 10.5″ vertical torso. My waist is 32″ and underbust is 36″. What corset should I get?


    1. Hi there! Have you joined the Facebook group “The Corset Connection”? I am an admin for that group and we have measuring instructions as well as how to get sized by different brands. We can also do a quick sizing within that group but we need your high and low hip measurements as well 🙂


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